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Did You Know

26 Nov

While salaries in the United States have increased 38% in the past 10 years, healthcare costs have increased a whopping 131% to more than $2 trillion per year. healthcare fraud plays a substantial role in the growing cost of care nationally. below are just a few of the facts that relate to healthcare fraud,waste and abuse and what is being done to fight it.

  • In many cases criminals hack into digital medical records and bill insurers for drugs, equipment and treatments that were never prescribed.
  • Criminals average more than $19,000 per fraudulent incident, that’s four times the amount realized through identity theft.
  • .To collect money, criminals set up fake companies that disappear after getting paid.
  • Money stolen through Medicare fraud is projected to exceed $1 trillion within the next decade.
  • The US Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services have brought extraordinary resources to bear in the fight against fraud waste and abuse in healthcare and ordinary citizens have joined the battle by reporting suspected fraud on their statements to insurers.

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